Making love brings pleasure, raise their mood and self -esteem. But whether the time of day matters? Sexologist, expert on relationships and personal growth, about the advantages and role of morning sex in the life of partners.

Do you pay due attention to a full sexual life? What is the role of sex in your relationship? In the article I will give examples from private practice, the results of working with clients, as well as data research data. Scientists, psychologists, sexologists and even esoterics are saying about the benefits of sex. Moreover, there are nuances that should be paid attention to.

You can talk about a full -fledged sexual life when a woman and a man are ready to make love with each other with a desire, without persuasion, without persuasion and complaints. And this is the path to a happy family. Perhaps sex with claims will help maintain physical health and hormonal background, but at the emotional level will destroy relationships.

A woman who directly says what she wants, as soon as she has a desire, becomes insanely attractive to men. She gently directs her partner, tells when a gentle approach is needed, and when – hard and rude (everyone has the right to their fantasies and their satisfaction). She opens up without hesitation, allowing to bring herself to orgasm.

Sex has enormous potential. The more open and relaxed in sex, the more he is successful in all areas of life

Next to such a woman, a man begins to get true pleasure from the process. And only when a woman is completely satisfied, does the time come to give an unforgettable orgasm to a partner.

Sex, in which both respect the desires and fantasies of the other, as well as enthusiastically satisfy each other’s sexual needs, has a tremendous energy potential. To implement fantasies, the modern industry offers a wide selection of erotic goods. You can try role-playing games, use toys, depraved costumes of schoolgirls or lady vampire-this whole thing.

The more open and relaxed in sex, the more he is successful in all areas of life. I trace this pattern in 99% of cases.

Does it matter when to have sex?

In the morning, at night or how it will turn out? There is no correct answer to this question. It turns out to everyone differently, in view of life circumstances. But consider the positive aspects of the morning sex.

It so happened that in most cases, the time for sex stands out before going to bed. The family situation forces many many to this: it is necessary to complete home and working affairs, chat with loved ones, wait until everyone goes to bed, and finally make love if you still do not fall down.

The most useful dream lasts from 22:00 to 24:00, and after 2:00 the coefficient of “utility” begins to decline sharply. So what are we doing? Tired physically and emotionally in the day, when the body tunes to go to bed to restore life forces, the heartbeat slows down and calms down, we recall that there is such a thing as marital duty. In this situation, we can safely assume that sex will turn out not the most successful.

Against the background of general fatigue, it is difficult to realize and satisfy your sexual needs and partner, sex may not be intense enough, and an orgasm is not bright enough. This can result in chronic sexual dissatisfaction. Moreover, the night loads are even more exhausted by the body, and from accumulated fatigue, sex is more associated with loss of energy than with pleasure.

Over time, this can lead to irritability with one mention of him, as well as quarrels, resentment, ailments, reproaches for any reason and, as a result, even greater loss of energy, mutual understanding and love.

In addition to the physical aspect, there is also a psychological. For the full satisfaction of sexual needs, partners need to concentrate on the process and completely immerse in it. This may be problematic, since a lot of information and thoughts accumulate in the head that prevents focus on sex.

With regular lack of sleep, partners begin to be nervous, rush and save time, which, on the one hand, reduces the duration of sexual intercourse, and on the other hand, worsens its quality. Many fantasies remain unrealized.

Advantages of morning sex

Let’s look at the morning love making from different sides. Let’s start with the opinions of specialists. American scientists came to the conclusion that morning sex has a positive effect on the standard of living and success of people. In the course of the study, it turned out that most of the respondents who regularly indulge in love in the morning occupy high posts at work and position in society.

It is believed that a dream that helps restore the physical and mental state, lasts until 5:00. From the fact that you will wake up, as usual, or an hour earlier, you will not feel less rested. Especially if you develop a good, positive habit and do it with pleasure.

From the point of view of the body’s work, it is much more useful and efficient to lie an hour earlier, so that the body, soul and head fully rest and restore, and get up an hour earlier in order to enthusiastically make love. The whole world awakens from sleep, and your body too.

When the woman’s body is more responsive to caresses, and the man will react more confidently. At 7 in the morning, a two -hour period of the highest possible level of testosterone in men begins. Thanks to this, he will boldly prove himself in sex, and a woman will be able to completely enjoy the process.

Compared to night, morning sex is less energy consumption. Emotionally you feel freshness, your head is still empty, and nothing prevents you from enjoying each other. After sleep, the state is magical and intimate, you can tell each other without hesitation, what and how you want, and immediately start implementation.

When it was possible to introduce morning sex in the schedule of the day, the general emotional state has improved significantly

You will ask if there is something else in morning sex besides pleasure and an unforgettable awakening? Of course yes! In the morning, sex gives a good load on the main muscle groups, and also replaces breathing gymnastics that improve blood circulation. This is exactly what is needed for the full start of the day. Also, a powerful emission of endorphins occurs, immunity and stress resistance increase, the risk of various ailments decreases.

Thanks to the feedback from customers, I managed to trace a certain pattern. Often, the root of many female problems lay in matters of sexual dissatisfaction, which were observed both in business women and secular lionesses and housewives. Sex problems lay on the surface or were hidden behind other complaints of patients.

In cases where it was possible to introduce such a pleasant ritual as morning sex in the schedule of the day, the general emotional state improved significantly, and the work went easier with other questions.

Clients felt a surge of strength, good mood, inner peace, increased stress resistance. At home, communication became warmer, love, respect and mutual understanding returned. The children looked calmer and friendly, were opened in communication with their parents: the child’s behavior influenced the fact that in the morning and evening he saw happy and calm parents, felt energy, confidence and filled with this state.

Is it possible to say that morning sex is a panacea? Probably no. But this is a unequivocally standing activity that can be turned into a daily ritual that changes life for the better.

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